Doug Dotson Pottery

3 Guys* 2012


Group show at Doug Dotson Pottery

The 2012 Tenth Annual:

Please join us for the annual 3 Guys* and Some Pottery sale!  For the tenth anniversary we are very excited to have the original members of the 3 Guys show: Ronan Peterson, Marty Fielding and Doug Dotson.  Come get Marty’s pots and wish him well as he starts graduate school this Fall. 

Please join us this August for a great show!

Stay tuned for more information...

See the contact page to get more information about Doug Dotson Pottery including a map to the studio.

Teapot by Marty Fieldinghttp://www.martyfielding.com

Teapot by Doug Dotson

Teapot by Ronan Peterson